Jelly Belly® Candy, 49 Assorted Flavors, 2lb Bag OFX98475
List Price:$40.72/EA Price: $39.09/EA
Office Snax® Tootsie Roll Assortment, 28oz Bowl OFX00028
List Price:$22.75/EA Price: $21.84/EA
Mayfair Assorted Candy Bag, 5lb, Bag MFR430220
List Price:$15.40/EA Price: $14.78/EA
Office Snax® Sugar-Free Suckers, Assorted Flavors, 32oz Tub OFX00068
List Price:$36.70/EA Price: $35.23/EA
Welch's® Fruit Snacks, 0.9 oz Pouch, 80/Box WEL884640
List Price:$25.87/BX Price: $24.83/BX
Wrigley's® Family Favorites Assortment, Variety, Bag SKT23534
List Price:$16.62/EA Price: $15.95/EA
Office Snax® Top o' the Line Pops, Candy, 3.5lb Tub OFX00017
List Price:$38.22/EA Price: $36.69/EA
Walker’s Nonsuch® Assorted Toffee, 2.75lb Plastic Tub OFX94054
List Price:$45.28/EA Price: $43.47/EA
Tic Tac® Breath Mints, Freshmint, 3.4oz, 4/Box TIC00631
List Price:$21.50/BX Price: $20.64/BX
Mike and Ike® Candy, Original Fruits, 4.5lb Bag JBI46097
List Price:$19.62/EA Price: $18.83/EA
Hospitality Mints Thank You Buttermints Candies, 26 oz Bag HMT000501
List Price:$10.00/EA Price: $9.60/EA
Hot Tamales® Cinnamon Candy, 4.5 lbs, Bag JBI460989
List Price:$19.62/EA Price: $18.83/EA
Mentos® Chewy Mints, 1.32 oz, Mixed Fruit, 15 Rolls/Box MEN4181
List Price:$25.80/BX Price: $24.77/BX
Red Vines® Original Red Twists, 5.5 lb Tub RDV827495
List Price:$20.40/EA Price: $19.58/EA
Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum, Original Pink, 300/Tub TOO16403
List Price:$19.12/EA Price: $18.35/EA
Tootsie Roll® Frooties, Grape, 38.8oz Bag, 360 Pieces/Bag TOO7801
List Price:$12.15/EA Price: $11.66/EA
Charms® Blow Pops, 0.8 oz, Assorted Fruity Flavors, 100/Box TOO1034885
List Price:$20.10/BX Price: $19.30/BX
Nestlé® Assorted Chocolate Miniatures, 2.5 lb Bag NES86774
List Price:$18.67/EA Price: $17.92/EA